While scrolling through my Twitter feed recently I’ve seen a fair few who create content — and do not create content — struggling to keep a firm grip on Football Manager. It seems the reason for this is a struggle to connect with a team thus ending a save early. I understand this completely.

I start 2/3 saves a week and may only ‘get’ into one of those. There are a lot of aspects you think of before starting a save too. These are usually two key questions I ask myself — maybe it’s the same for you — before I open up the game in search of some managerial fun and those are:

  • What country shall I manage in?
  • Do I want a challenge or an easy ride?

Those questions narrow it down somewhat. There are other ways I choose my new save too. The first is the SortitoutSI Random Club Picker, which is a phenomenal tool. It gives you three clubs and all you need to know about them. I’ll usually click the ‘load 3 more’ option a few times until something piques my interest. I’d urge you to give this a go!

My other way of choosing a new save is by finding a club via Google or Twitter. It only takes a search to find the next ‘hipster’ club. It’s why I ended up trying out the Sammarinese division in FM21.

There is a third option, just pick someone relevant to current events. Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s Wrexham for example.

I’m going to list 5 clubs below that may be of interest to you. Each of them is from the top 5 nations in Europe — England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France — and are all at different impasses and levels in the real world.

We start with the German Bundesliga’s Greuther Furth. They’re struggling in real life and their relegation from the German top-flight has already been confirmed. With one game remaining their record stands as having won only 3 times in 33 games. This one will certainly test your ability.

2021/22 Target: Avoid Relegation

Check out Greuther Furth here.

Catanzaro sits in the Serie C/C division and having managed them myself recently I can reveal to you that they have a bloody good set of players. They have only featured in Serie A on 7 occasions — their best finish being 7th in 1982 — and your long term aim is to get them back to Italy’s top division.

2021/22 Target: Reach the playoffs

Check out US Catanzaro 1929 here.

La Liga’s Villarreal. I guess this is the ‘hipsters’ choice having won the Europa League in 2021 and reached the semi-finals of the Champions League this season. Unai Emery has formed a team of hard-working and crafty ballers. Can you take them one step further year after year?

2021/22 Target: Champions League Qualification

Check out Villarreal CF here.

Maybe a save with a club that has unlimited funds and a squad ready to challenge for all major trophies could reignite your passion for Football Manager? PSG are the team for this of course. You’ll lose Kylian Mbappe at the end of the season — although in real life it seems he is set to stay — but the talent pool available to you is unrivalled.

You should be able to breeze through the domestic competitions but can you be the one that brings that elusive European Cup to Paris?

2021/22 Target: Retain Ligue 1 & win the Champions League

Check out Paris Saint-Germain here.

My favourite choice of the whole lot. Hanwell Town of the Isthmian League South Central Division. They were promoted last week after playoff victory so they’re certainly a club on the up and motoring their way through the lower leagues of England but it’s their history that you’ll love.

The club was formed in 1920 by a group of natives of Newcastle-upon-Tyne who were working in the Hanwell area, who adopted the famous black and white stripes of Newcastle United as their colours.

The Geordies are a club that you just need to get to the Premier League. Can you perhaps spark a rivalry with Newcastle United themselves?

You’ll need this database to play as Hanwell Town.

2021/22 Target: Reach the playoffs

Check out Hanwell Town here.

I’ll also leave you with these save ideas from footygamer of SortitoutSI. All different and very well thought out. I wish you luck in finding your next Football Manager save.

Happy managing to you all!

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I’ll be blogging my Football Manager saves here. I’ll also be writing about what’s on my mind and other random things too. Enjoy, I guess?

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I’ll be blogging my Football Manager saves here. I’ll also be writing about what’s on my mind and other random things too. Enjoy, I guess?

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